Veal you leave us alone please

So close to home
Distress no less
No where to roam

Farewell mother
Mother dear
In created kennels
We appear

Tagged ears the pain
We cry alone
Standing still
Our buckets blown

Upside down
By wind and rain
We are lost
Nothing to gain

From this life sadly
Nothing at all
Nobody out there
Hears our call

Raised for veal
On milky slop
Sooner or later
For the chop

Tortured babies
Tortured so
For tender flesh
Didn’t you know?

We are crying
every day
Waiting for
our time to pray

So you can eat us
That we know
This diet makes our muscles
For it’s tenderness
that you all seek

We fill your guts with such desire
We fill your hearts with added fire
We spill our guts into your stew
We add to your confusion too

Tormented calves
you call us veal
And Christ help you
For the way we feel

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