That poor unfortunate dog

What I just witnessed sickens me
For the man who did this must
Be apprehended right away
For without doubt it’s unjust
It’s cruel beyond emotion
It’s sick beyond belief
It’s as bad as it gets
It’s malignity
It’s just fucking awful grief

It’s the hardest film to ever watch
In that this is evil stuff
It’s purely persecution
Of innocence, enough
I have seen but this one takes my breath away
At the barbarism shown
It’s savagery
It’s ferocity
It’s merciless
I groan

Myself inside my being
That any human would
Have the gall to do this
And video it, he should
Be hunted down and given
The same treatment that we see
This bastard being crippled like the poor dog
Running free
He is driving a Toyota and Toyota ought to try
And help catch this piece of work
A spiteful sadistic guy

That really needs some treatment
It’s an unconsoling thing
He showed not an ounce of pity
Someone’s got to bring
This evil man to justice
He has to face a squad
Shoot the bastard shoot him now
He is the nastiest sod
Mowing a dog down slowly and hurting him mortally
It’s torture at the lowest level
He is a psycho with a truck
This man needs to be locked up fast
And no one would give a fcuk

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