Religion or an excuse to murder

A sort of clearing
An avid throng
Who stands and watches
Though sees no wrong
The innocent babies
One by one
Decapitated in the sun

You can feel their fear
Their abject fright
The mortal horror
It can’t be right
Moments of terror
Hopelessness for all to see

Imagine the children
With their eyes
And young hearts open
And the poor goats cries
They can hear the victims
And hear the thud
As their heads are chopped
With each splash of blood

Seconds before they were lively souls
Babies with hopes and gentle roles
Dragged and manhandled
Dumped on the sand
Clearly how could they understand
So called religion and all that shite
And psychopath who think they are right

Off with their heads thrown in a heap
Where the children’s toes are about to weep
Fresh warm blood upon their toes
Something no child ever chose

These abusive men sit on the ground
Dead now to the shrieking sound
Despair and pain is all we see
and hear and it puts the wind up me
All these so called religious fools
Clearly witness the breaking of rules
Each life is stolen as each soul dies
Their arrogance I do despise

Sitting in the pools of blood
Their hands and arms are red each thud
Each head tossed into the dreaded heap
I pray these bastards truly reap
All the agony and all the pain
I hope it does come back again
To torture them to fill their grief
With really so much disbelief

As for the victims innocence
Their terror and that influence
Commiserations to them all
Sadly they answered the final call
On that ground they met their death
They lost their right for further breath
And it was witnessed by one and all
The innocent standing with the ghoul
The whole village came along
And joined the sacrificial throng

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