More on the pig boys East Anglian pig CO.

This is where pigs are kept this is the place
Where gall and where bitterness and the disgrace
Of purporting to keep pigs when actually they
Torture and murder them everyday

Their wrathfulness sickens their tantrums arn’t small
With such indignation I describe to you all
An embittered workforce of murdering scum
A virulent brood impatient and numb

Enraged by the idea they ought to stay calm
They ought to be loving and never to harm
So many are babies and mothers and we
See these nasty men beating them frantically

The babies so little so pink virgins they
Are slammed into the concrete on a sunny day
They squeal to the top of their sweet little voice
Bloodied and ravaged and all without choice

Slammed once again by a fully blown arse
Who shouts his expletives as other pigs pass
The injuries caused one can see all that pain
And hear all that agony over again

And what are they feeling laughing about
“I’ve killed millions of pigs” one arse does shout
“Not thousands but millions”this murdering shit
Someone should give him a hiding the twit

And this is East Anglia just up the road
Little Thorns Unit look at that load
A broth of live pigs scratching away
You cannot imagine the dirt and decay

Of course this is hell itis hell and some more
These poor pigs are victims of our own war
No one is dreaming
There is too much screaming
Beaten with metal poles
Kicking like mad
This is what they do
Their death roll and dancing
All I can say to you all is I’m sad

One great fat sod with a hammer is beating
Pigs on the head just imagine the shock
Another shouts piss off and keeps on a hammering
Treading on some knock after knock

Out on the truck where the pre grow is lying
Someone is suffocating some babies there
Treading on their heads beating and beating
Having to write about this stuff and share

What is remarkably terror and evil
A gestation choir biting bars such a sound
The camera is peering and it isn’t endearing
To watch female pigs getting so knocked around

It’s abuse it’s abuse of the worst kind it’s awful
To see females treated in this vile of ways
By frustrated ought to be castrated arse holes
Where are the coppers for christ’s sake go taise

The vile and the ignorant labouring bastards
They have to be pulled up for this film is true
It’s beyond the pale it’s so cruel and vindictive
Piles of dead babies now what do they do

This is infanticide what of creation where is it coming from
What can we do
Behind their closed doors they are down there and dirty
Heads bashed in eyes poked out and nobody to

Report them not one person one of the management
They are really violent as they can be
They are misanthropic and there is no let up
It’s totally obvious now Now so to me

Where is their compassion where is their empathy
How come such monsters can all still be there
And whose buy this pork treated so miserably
Whose eating this pork this pork I despair!

It’s purely hostility hatred for anything
They are like combatants fighting a war
So disaffected and incompatible
All of them must have been born of a whore

These pigs are In Hell in a satanic chasm
This is no farm no inspectorate would
Give license to these fiends to carry on this trade
For truthfully anyone seeing now could

Be sick from their stomach and that is just watching this
These are sick criminals that’s all they are
Raised from a shit house there’s no other version
Of their life I am telling you for it does scar

Any emotion you started with really
To be this aggressive to innocent souls
Has to be madness derived from the gutter
They are clearly half zombie and the other half trolls

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