Do you like my metal collar
And my body chain
It’s not there by coincidence
It’s the human refrain
The changeable ness of habitats
And why now I am here
Chained up to a fucking post
And left to rot, it’s clear
The trees were just too magical
The fruits were pure and sweet
My life was full of freedom
I had enough to eat

Family life was gentle
Fresh water from the stream
I lived in a paradise
So of course it did seem
Then man kind so called came to be
Logged out cut down every tree
Put down concrete
The stream was filled
With human junk which they just spilled
Into the stream
Till everywhere
Was ruined by their lack of care

I was captured on that day
And transported far away
Chained up to this fucking post
Left out in the sun to roast
Spat at by the loggers here
Pissed on sometimes
It is clear
human beings are not kind
And lots of others completely blind
To how we are treated everyday
Degenerates I have to say
This metal collar does me in
And this metal chain it is a sin

To leave me like this it’s not fair
I could just be anywhere
In the trees to jump and play
But instead of this now everyday
I sit and contemplate and see
If I can recall my memory
Of the varied jungle with all my friends
And A marvellous message it always sends

Me back a while to dream about
The place I loved without a doubt
my home my family the jungle green
Which is all gone it’s now obscene
It’s just a junk heap
A polluted stream
The earth had worth
Or was it a dream

Chained up spat at that’s my life
Sitting here sharing your strife

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