Loyalty they gave us and what did we give back

A tribute to SoI Dogs to all the work they do to reverse a hellish trade in dogs in the Far East particularly in China in Laos, in Korea,in Thailand, in Cambodia, and in Japan

Cages of dogs
A melee a crush
Bones smashed and broken
An illegal rush
Of adrenaline surely
What is it about
So that some can eat dog
And the rest of us doubt

What kind of person would subscribe to this
Evil of treatments
Taken from bliss
of being a companion
To so called man kind
And stolen and slaughtered
By many who find

The taste is exciting
Their deaths though so cruel
We allow this to happen
We let them rule
Our lives with this evil
This true dark despair
It’s widespread
And its happening
Yes over there

Dogs bright eyed bushy tailed
Dogs loyal and true
Stolen from backyards
And off the street too
Manhandled and tortured
Thrown into cages on trucks
By what can only be described as
Real fcuk’s!

Paid just a pittance
To round up these hounds
They go out very early doing
The rounds
Low life and heartless men
Earning a buck
And being so hurtful
Somehow they are stuck

In a dark place too
To work in this way
For the corporate meat trade
That has a big say
These poor frightened animals
Journey can be
Long hard and evil
Their adversity

Made worse by man un kind
Who has no regard
They are tossed high off heaps
To bruise in the yard
Those on the bottom
With be crushed some will die
But all will be frightened
Their anguish so high

They are in a dungeon
Awaiting their fate
Being treated like sacks of potatoes
Their date
With death and destruction
Is fast coming near
Some still have collars on
So it is clear

They have come from their loving homes
Into this hell
They will be sat upon
This they know well
Smarting from being so rattled about
And left really honestly now
In no doubt

Nobody loves them
Nobody cares
Their owners where are they
Saying their prayers
Asking Anubis the goddess to see
What stress and what pain
They now face constantly

Trucked to some market
In heat that can kill
On dusty pot holed roads
That toss them and spill
Given no water
Given nothing
Just herded like slaves
To a world that does bring

Them further from empathy
There is none here
Where they are going
There’s only fear
Malice repulsiveness
There’s only pain
Ugliness hideousness
And the insane

Beaten and worn down
They reach markets where
Traders and restaurants
Increase the despair
Collect them for processing
Soon they will be
Chopped up and eaten
For posterity

Some of these diners
Believe trauma does
Improve the flavour
And give them a buzz
Improve their libido
Make them horny in bed
This is the thinking
This causes dread

Some stars have come out and have
Intimated now why
This vile trade is happening
Under the sky
In places where tourists go
And some they will try
Someone’s pet dog
Cooked with ginger
But why?

Tanked up on alcohol
Thinking they are free
Paying through the nose
For what is misery
This is the trade
So vulgar and wrong
Honestly people
It doesn’t belong
In this day and age
It’s a hopeless event
Causing such consternation
And evil intent

Then the base kind
The people who prepare
These sweet souls
Who butcher them daily
Who share
Who take on their roles
As vile executioners
Some on the street
With blow lamps they scorch
Them it’s terror complete

Watch as they writhe
Their big doleful eyes
That torture that terror
That darkest surprise
On the victim who is dying
From terrible pain
Blood oozing their losing
We are the insane!

We regularly go there
Exchanging our cash
Support what they are doing
We are the rash
Of on lookers really
Providing the dough
So these fiends can continue
To slaughter and show

Hung up on hooks
Parts of dogs scalded white
The smell is so dreadful
And all this in spite
Of saying that dogs
Are our best friends
But here
The desire is to eat them
And just spread more fear

SoI dogs are people
With hearts now ablaze
Trying to stop this
Terrible phase
Of human emotion
Of ignorance too
Of the arrogant rich
Who may be the few
But who buy into this
This torture and pain
And drive themselves
Into a tortured refrain

It seems it’s contagious
It’s all over the Place
The loathing the rancour
It fills every space
To persecute animals now as we do
To torture them rotten
Yes madam You
By looking away
By refusing to see
What man kind is doing
Now honestly

I urge you to listen
I urge you to see
Animal earthlings don’t want this
To be
Happening anywhere
And we can make
A difference by
Not sharing their pieces of cake

Not eating meat
In the quantities we
Are eating meat
Wake up please and see
The agony out there
It is caused by YOU
Refusing to listen and enjoying the stew

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