Chicken shed

It makes no difference what you are
A chicken or a cow
If you are being eaten
The humans show you how
Heaven can be so transformed
To hell in the wink of an eye
Come with me to chicken land
And watch the many die

We all are born as equals
Feathered and alive
Big bright eyes to see the light
To help us all survive
Then we meet the human
Who prepares our destiny
Such an expectation
Packed in sheds so many of us
Thrown in crates we are
Stomped on by the idiots
Who brazenly do scar
We know that we are hated
Surplus to their case
Tortured we are thrown about
By the human race

It’s not potluck it’s always
We really have no power
Our vigour and our dynamism
Stolen by the hour
Of course we are defenceless
Emasculated, we
Are in the concentration camp
Where nobody can see
Weaponless and feeble
Undermined are we
The farmers have their way with us
That’s how it has to be

Crated up for slaughter
Tossed in rotten trays
Manhandled we are bits of shit
Tortured all our days
Our feathers torn a sunder
Our wings crushed by the way
We are thrown about the place
Every fucking day

Some are badly injured
Hearts pumping still but they
Will die soon and be eaten
By the others, you can say
We chickens will eat each other
The sight of blood and gore
Gets us really going
It’s a sort of civil war

Many become lifeless torpid yes and numb
Beaten by the system
Many more will come
And just be thrust upon us
The turmoil is each day
Goaded into pecking
But if we peck we pay

We have no space to sit down
To rest our tired old feet
We are on them morning noon and night
And we do get beat
Displaced from life and the reality
Of these confounded crates
Is you make us all your victims
Then we feel like reprobates

Displaced and being loaded
Off to slaughter that’s our meet
An interval of evil
The slaughter man will greet
Us with regressive rancour
Will torture us and we
Must expect decapitation
Or not unfortunately
some of us
Go forward completely conscious, we
Are then plunged into the boiling water
To swim a while and be
Cooked alive the feeling is
Hard to now describe
Our lives are ducking awful
In your hell hole we imbibe

Every sort of negative
Every sort of pain
All your fucking pills and potions
Till our strength you drain
This is life on earth for us
This is purgatory
If you would just stop eating us
Then we would never be

Please I beg you stop it
This evil is not life
We suffer because you eat us
We suffer all this strife

And when we die the insects come
Beetles big and black
Chewing on our bodies
Thus we get more flack
Flies and maggots sharing
The litter with us we
Have to live in all this shit
And it shouldn’t be

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