Leave the aborigines be

Australia is at it
And it’s all got out of hand
Eviction of the indigenous
I just can’t understand
The Abbott mob and the Canberrans
Apparently believe
The iconic aborigines
They must never achieve

So They will not support the homelands
For the mining corporations
Want to get shot of them
These vulnerable populations
Are being told to fcuk off
At gunpoint, so I hear
Australia you sicken me
Spreading all this fear

Genocide the culture
Australia is again
Getting on their high horse
Yes they are insane
The children must be crying
The abuse is clearly there
Dispossession and coercion
It bloody well ain’t fair

Abbot cares for no one
A Tory through and through
Talking to Cameron he insults them
That’s what conservatives do
As for impoverished people
Who lives out in the bush
He wants them to clear off quickly
It’s about shove and push

Who the hell does he think he is
Neglect is shameful and we
The citizens of Planet Earth
Want them now to be
Rescued from this prejudice
Not left out there as one
They are the first people
The people of the sun

any intervention must stop
It’s has to be
For all the world must rally around
For the
To turn against them
Is a low down trick a rotten stunt
Evicting them from where they are
Is just not worth the punt

Turning their land to golf courses
Creating civil strife
Is a crappy situation
and a threat my dears to life
The brutality and the prejudice
And the ugly scenes we see
Abandoning them is terrible
Such a rotten policy

And we who live in England
And read what you lot do
Are forced to say we hate it
You are selfish and thats my view

Two years ago. I travelled
Around your country wide
From Perth to Adelaide through to Darwin
And over the other side
To cairns and down to Brisbane
And back to Perth so I
seen a fair bit of your country
Which is bloody why

I have seen,what’s been going on
And think you lot should say
Protect the aborigines
Don’t make the poor sods pay
What you are doing is so unfair
So don’t just look away
Help your brothers and sisters
Not just be forced to pay

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