Live exports and Australia

Adelaide was listening to the
Words of Philip Wollen
Giving them some welly
On the live export debate
The illegality and obscenity
Of the wicked on the innocent
The guilty the reprehensible
The unforgivable of late

Australia is wicked
It’s iniquity is growing
It’s heinousnes and shamelessness
Appears to grow and grow
What they do to animals
In the name, of exports
Is unvirtuous and conscienceless
As many now do know

Animals born and raised here
Are shipped across the ocean
Tortured all the way there
And murdered that’s their fate
Infernal and satanic
Malevolent and graceless
Degenerates we are producing them
At an alarming rate

Guiltless blameless angels
They now await such anger
Such evil it is coming
They will be butchered on the spot
You have never met a nastier bunch
Of trolls on any continent
The Australian would be farmer
And we know what they are not

The atrocities keep happening
Despite all of their utterances
Despite their honourable statements
And their constant probity
There is a detachment
A screw loose in the mind set
A baseness a corruption
That’s if you ask me

Their so called politicians
Wrapped up in skullduggery
Lying out of their back teeth
Just Puppets on a string
Back door swindles double
They are bloody good at it
Unethical immoral
It has that familiar ring

Of course apologetic
But corruption every which way
Australia is losing it’s majesty a road
The animals are going through the mangle
Of machination
suffering such torture
All part of the new code

Hordes of factory farmers
Investing hearts and minds
In sheds of gruesome tortured souls
Waiting now in lines
Waiting to have their throats cut
Their bodies tormented so
This the new Australia
The live export trade
We know

Everyone has a duty to be loyal
And to be kind
To neglect and not be culpable
Nobody should find
That it’s due to what we are doing
As a country we must see
That Export markets remain on side
Not use brutality

All around the world today
Australians have to bow
For the world is realising
Truthfully now how
This ruddy awful marketplace
Is a chamber of despair
It’s a relentless unmercifully market
And so many seem unaware

A pitiless bunch of butchers
Sinners let us say
Basically barbarians
in a funny sort of way
It’s really an anthems
It’s profanity all the way
It’s frightens and it curses
Most of us everyday

There is a real revulsion
And disfavour and loathing here
And it’s all down to the government
That is who we fear
True unpopularity
Unwelcome yes from far
Unlovable and nauseous
Denounced and disliked
They are

The courtesy of caring
The civility of the soul
It’s seems that we are pariahs
Now out of control
Sycophants and parasites
That’s what we’ve become
More involved with balance sheets
Than beating on our drum

Ever bigger markets
Every cruel the trade
Ever defiant importers
And upon our shoulders laid
A total lack of irreverence
And of apathy for those
Animals that were born and raised
As everybody knows

Phillip Wollen a man of substance
Who has a heart of hold
And his money where his mouth is
On this business she is sold
This rapacious marketplace
And this obnoxious state
Of killing for a shilling
With just no time to wait

Has got to be regarded
As a base reality
The government must change course
Let it’s avidity
Be much more of compassion
Of empathy for all
Not this fond infatuation
For animal cruelty

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