I struggled to kill the bastard

They stalked me for miles
That bloke with his gun
He worked for chifuti
And,I was done
With him on my trail
Not much could I do
For 5 hours they came after
Me that was true

The senses the Intrusion
The inglorious way
They approached in their camouflage
In the height of day
A spectacular sky
As blue as can be
And the light was so bright
And it shone down on me

I aware of their smell
Hunters stink
All that sweat
And they piss in their pants too
Shabby I bet
How cocky they are
Their brashness to me
Is very insulting
Their discourtesy

Paramount, surely a Bull such as I
If I want to charge them
Yea they will die
But they have their rifles
I know that they can
Fire at me, injure me
That is their plan

They want my ivory
I want it too
These are my tools
And I know what to do
I am pretty old but my eye sight
Is clear
And my smell is as good
As my ears , I can hear

From quite a way off
So head down,I go
Directly at them
Keeping as low
As I can to the ground
On impact I will
Do as much damage
Their blood I will spill

It’s not as if we are murdering types
We are vegetarians
But our trunk swipes
At enormous power and
When I run them through
They will not get up again
I promise you

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