Fur /you are guilty

The industry that’s fur
The so called rich who wear
Their collars , cuffs and clothing
The vile emotions where
Great agony is present
The finality of death
And the boot pressed down
On the angels face
The stealth of taking breath
Fur if you need to wear it
It is stolen from a soul
Who lay and felt the evil
The power trip the control
We dare to halt creation
For our sodding vanity
The industry
We know as FUR
Is complete depravity

Harvey Nichol, Harrods
And the furriers abroad
You grow rich on agony
Victims of the sword
Are killed ever so slowly
They suffer so they do
So you can raise your balance sheet
To be so good and true

The animals in China
Their suffering is intense
It’s spiteful it’s malignant
It really makes no sense
Watching it it’s impossible
Not to feel their pain
Not to cry your eyes out
Not to go insane

They are alive and are feeling
Our worst intentions they
Leave this world in purgatory
Every hour of every day

Dealing in extremes they are
Such brutality
Hostile and ungenerous
Hard bitten constantly
The grim faced low paid worker
Forced to rape and steal
Based on what we demand to pay
Such violence is for real

Such callous and revolting people
Dehumanised and rough
Truculent and ghoulish
I have seen enough
The fur industry profits
From the agony it achieves
It’s hard to find words actually
For they are the worst of thieves
Un consoling arses
Revengeful ness is theirs
I bet they kneel in church somewhere
Expecting to say their prayers
But nothing out there can help them
They are beyond redemption, they
Cater to the darkest spirits
Who in the end will pay

For all those souls that perished
Underneath the murderers boot
Who coughed up blood and sinew
Who vomited from their root
Who pissed themselves in agony
Who felt the cuff of death
Who looked up to the heavens
As they drew their final breath

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