Albanian fracking disaster

This bloody rush for Shale gas
Has created this ordeal
Marinza won’t forget it
How do the people feel

Clay and mud and water
Shot up into the sky
Falling down on people’s homes
Who are asking their gods why

It’s a gift it seems from Canada
Coupled with increasing fear
The frackers are so arrogant
Whenever they appear

It’s dread and awe they are causing
And consternation too
They are intimidating
Doing what they so

Practical scaremongering
The brand new bogeyman
So numinous and fearsome
Nothing goes to plan

Unwariness and presumption
It’s all around the place
The consequences clearly
A terrible disgrace

Despite the varied protests
The infamy abroad
And despite all of the fraccidents
What is their reward

A great and vile upheaval
A loathing and a hate
The fat cat frackers should have gone
Already it’s too late

Already they are a menace
The provocations there
Spurned condemned and rejected
And fraught with such despair

Wherever it’s been promised
People have lost out
Water air and honest care
Really there’s no doubt

Frackers need their wake up call
Frackers go to HELL
The nausea that they create
They bloody well know it well

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