Saboteur’s v Hunters

Who gives them the right to kill
Wild souls, I have to ask
Blood sports are a violence
That should now be brought to task
It doesn’t help their case at all
The so called hunting clan
These sod’s who ride down saboteur’s
That how it began
With the Tories giving credence
To the fox hunts round and about
The bloody hounds have done the rounds.
Leaving us in no doubt
Again it’s all tradition
Forcefulness and energy
The impulse
Bold spirited and impassioned

Barbarous and unrestrained
Harshness and vulgarity
The drama of the wild Fox
The Hare, the Badger they
Feel the ardour of the chase
And the impulse to obey
The huntsman
With his jodhpurs
His crimson blazer bright
His helmet and his leather boots
And the utility of flight

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