Degeneration of a nation
Clearly comes to mind
They built the pyramids of Giza
Their panoramic find
Geometric wizardry
Alignment with the moon
A feat of engineering
Clearly so in tune

With everything spectacular
Menkaure a wondrous sight
A vast plain of sandy tracts
And just the brightest light
We stand in awe as shadows
Are music to the eye
And now we see a lone dog
We hear it’s heartfelt cry
Tied up to some pole
Upon the sand the sands of time
A stray tHat shares the
Spirit of the ancients
And the rhyme

A crowd
of bloody reprobates
Watches as three men
Beat the hell out of this dog
We have to ask now when

They left the world of culture
And sank into the abyss
What of the Egyptian spirit
And,of course,Anubis
We watch the soul departing
In agony and pain
Being slashed with all their might
What have they to gain
Thrashing this poor innocent
Enslaved in doubt and bile
The monsters are awake to it
Such terror it’s so vile
Look at them mean and craven hearted
The rabble and the horde
Riff raff scum now so uncultured
Such infamy abroad
Obnoxious and repellant
The hatred one can see
And it’s levelled against the innocent
How on earth can this now be?
Look as they flay and bluster
Their lack of consciousness
A dark disgrace for the human race
Such illegality

To sacrifice a poor lost soul
Clearly doomed it’s wretched role
Crossing the path of the human scum
And feeling the wrath
Of the beating drum
Where’s the compassion and empathy
Where is the love of humanity
Where is the culture the art and form
Where is the beauty
Why does the storm
Take out the Angels
The voiceless ones
The suffering oh how it numbs
The child the nurse of all mankind
Who stands there
Having lost their mind
Part of this ugly spectacle
This melancholic chagrined glance
All the anguish so sickening
In what is
the darkest dance
Interpol and others please
We are weakened at the knees
We are sick to see this pain
Stop it happening again
Investigate these wretches they
Need locking up being made to pay
Being made to feel being made to see
How they are messing with history

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