We do this this is what we do

In such a vile contraption
Created by a soul
Who calls himself a scientist
Whose supposed to be in control
He takes a wild young primate
Away from his family to
Experiment on what the chemical
Substance now will do
But look at the primates calmness
Screwed down in this frame
Part of its brain is showing
And clearly it’s no game

This is a serious business
For science makes it clear
The corporate masters need answers
Despite the time of year

It’s Christmas for the planet
But the laboratory
Still needs to test for solvents
Animals are not free

They were wild and thus created
But in this world today
Animals are slaves to us
To be tortured anyway

For some
fucking detergent
Some cream for some hags face
Some Crap cream from big oil
Yea what a disgrace

Hundreds of these tortures
Going on each day
Just to tick the boxes
And help them get their pay

This is experimentation
The contract says its a must
Be carried out their expendable
The result therefore is just

And the public haven’t got a clue
About the numbers of primates who die
So let’s just hide the evidence
And tell them it’s a lie

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