Monthly Archives: December 2014

Buchanan’s wolves

Ellesmere Island the tenth biggest Island in the world Far up near the North Pole And I have just been hurled Up here with my cameras My tent and beating heart To get close to some wild wolves And I … Continue reading


One thousand pounds of muscle A stout neck a fine head A bull of some distinction Who is well and truly dead The pageant the arena The show goes on we see 5000 avid supporters At the bullfight where he … Continue reading


South Los Angeles There she was Shivering against a wall Dirty and dishevelled Someone made that call Saw her there and We were on our way And there we found Layla a sweet angel soul The prettiest of hound We … Continue reading

The Beceite Ibex

Nothing that’s wild seems sacred Today In the East Spanish mountains The Ibex they say With wrinkled ringed horns And fleet of foot,they Climb up the precarious ridges All day Camouflage suits Waxed up faces as well Rifles that pick … Continue reading


however old these eyes are However old this heart What I see and how I feel Were like this from the start The only thing now truthfully Is my eyes see so clear My heart pounds like it always has … Continue reading

Patterns of divinity

Is it really spiritual When so many take And not just take advantage But try to be on the make Take more than their given The majority do these days One thing isn’t good enough The only way is to … Continue reading


My names Leo Bred for tourists Raised by them So they Can photograph me I am photogenic So they say But it’s all down to profit I’m to be shot dead I was raised in captivity Yes that is what … Continue reading


A mask tis Ruby Jewel of jewels Ageing from which time recalls The spirit and the faithful qi It’s why the face and soul must be Emma Allen soundly she Emulates how she can free Herself Pulsating, on the brink … Continue reading

More of Stone Henge and it’s aura

The flight of birds A geometric collage Seen on high Over Stone Henge Pictures A smoke filled lullaby A concept of creation A Divine patterning A snap shot of togetherness An oracle on the wing Reading words are everywhere Intuition … Continue reading

shit for brains

Good Wolf live Wolf Dead wolf,hunter Shit for brains These scumbags I know I couldn’t be blunter But what they do in our shared space The wilderness we love Is tear it from our noble grasp Up and out and … Continue reading