Bias well if not it’s something else

It’s clear to me there’s bias
And those who generally
Emphasise green issues
Are powerful and can be

Well informed and creative
For the need is always there
But it sadly is still neglected
In the scenario all share

The greener issues stem
From economics too
And are so very important
But for certain reasons do

Frighten ruling parties
For although the truth is there
Green issues should be paramount
And ones we all should share

UKIP, the Tories and labour
They are puppets on a string
Knotted up and festooned
with the clutter that they bring

They have no power really
It’s the higher groups that rule
The banker class it’s a real farce
And for me it does appal

It’s because they are so blatant
Leaving the greens to be
Almost like confetti
That’s kind of nice to see

But blows about all over
and does not account for much
And economically speaking
appears so out of touch

This is the consensus
From the puppets as they swing
Manipulated by the grubby fingers
that all bring

The fracking and the hunting
Big Oil Big Pharma too
Injecting power and wisdom
Which is what the leaders do

And many do not know this
And lots don’t even care
And who gets on the telly
And who gets to air

Their policies, their promises
Their direction is construed
There is no space where they can fit
They are alien to the brood

They are the fingers in the dyke
The tree huggers and the like
Who seldom drive a rolls Royce
But often ride a bike
The greens have varied policies
Rebounding on those who
Pollute destroy and damage
All of us and YOU

Then chem trails and the methane
Fox hunting and the like
The power crazed corporations
When the iron is hot they strike

The greens will get short shrift
From general elections here
Besides we’re ruled by Europe
And soon the Deutsch mark may reappear

As the greens are anti nuclear
And anti fracking too
It goes against the grain
And it’s not what they want to do

It rocks too many little boats
And the bigger boats as well
And really they are a spent force
Of no consequence in HELL

But I think they are wrong on this
They should actually defy
Those bankers in their ivory towers
My poems spells out

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