be satisfied with the skin you are in


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100 per cent vegan shoes no need for leather


Ashrams and sitars

and gurus

curry The Ganges

and more

locked in our psyche

the cow it is holy

thats if you think that

the law



is never broken

its just a token

corruption and bribery


in the dead of the night

anywhere out of sight

its all sleight of hand

and it works



indian farmers

in  their rural location

are terribly poor

some face such frustration

and sell their cows

imagining they

will be

kept safe on farms

for thats what they say



in fact its the opposite

what happens they

are shipped to a state

who look s the other way

you cannot imagine the cruelty


its the most wicked place

that all cows do fear


they nail shoes onto their feet

and rings into their nose

then they are roped together

thats when the pain grows

steadily worse

as their marched  off to where

they will be slaughtered

and they will share



their skins for its leather

the trade  for those who

in the US and Europe

most don’t have a clue

its such abject torture

its horrible pain

hell knows no fury

and only we gain


from very cheap prices

with good margins for those

who deal in the skins

but nobody shows

the terror the horror

the evil out there

when you just see a bit of it

few now can bear


it is so unrighteous

the enormity

its laden with sin

take it from me

an iniquitous system

it pierces

the heart

and it really is hard to know

where to start


each link is abominable

conscienceless  stuff

it is so abhorrent

that I’ve had enough


the cow

sometimes seen in the street

respected by some

they have to compete


with traffic, they do

but further away

herds of their sisters

are so made to pay

marched across state

beaten hard if they slow

so many injuries

you cannot know


life giving ungulates

praise them for they

should be respected

but not these today



they are for leather

that stuff that you wear

or sit on at home

no you are not aware


or maybe your car seats

are buttery soft

and you reckon yourselves

with your hands held aloft


because your so proud

of the livery you

sit your arse on

when you drive to their zoo


those leather shoes

from Italy say

are from indian leather

yea that far away



the very same cows

on their long march of hell

brutally treated

for weeks at a spell


you have to feel sorry

you have to try to

imagine their agony

for what they do


they are not


or watered

and roped to each other

and in the hot sun

sister and mother


collapse and are beaten

chilli rubbed in their eyes

their tails broken manually

this just defies



the great laws of India

that do proclaim

all cows are sacred

how that does inflame


my heart and my soul

and my sinews to hear

they are hounded and pounded

and broken with fear



in some places trucked

across borders where they

are loaded in squalor

too many, you’d say


and so they are crushed

broken bones are the thing

and of course dehydration

its tearful to bring


oneself to imagine

the agony here

these are beautiful cows

gentle beasts

in great fear


those gloves you are wearing

that handbags of yours

its from some designer

that was because


you think its exclusive

but let me tell you

its the vilest of torture

that mankind can do


that coat and that belt

oh you do look supreme

clearly you are

the cream of the cream,


but if you only knew

what your dollars have bought

if you only gave it a little more thought


if you heard their screams

blood curdling cries

not the shop where you bought them

who told you their lies



but reality

some hill town

far far away

where these beautiful creatures

are made to pay


with pain and exhaustion

look into their eyes

see the blood in their noses

herald their demise


when they fall down

they are dragged by the others until

more just collapse

with some kicking still


but lost to the world

in the most abject pain

and they are kicked and they are beaten

again and again



so emaciated so terribly sore

great gaping wounds

do you need more


horror for there is more

much more today

no ramps on those trucks

just hauled off

such dismay



they fall like a bag of bones

onto the ground

these are living creatures

inside they are drowned


in their own fear their own shit

their own tears of woe

lost souls and their pain

no! you don’t want to know


you don’t care tuppence

if the coat’s cheap

and if it suits you

why should you weep


they eventually get to the death house

where they

get some relief

they are sent on their way


to somewhere thats better

than this hell hole here

but the slaughtering process

again is not clear


not defined

its a nightmare

that does undermined


every ounce of valour

for what happens now

they stand in the shed

watching every cow


die get dismembered sob in such pain

by the time it is their turn

they  are three parts insane


their heads are hacked off

sawn with a blunt blade

thats when humanity is on parade


thats when my eyes are full up with tears

the saltiness smarts

I am sharing their fears



and I am just writing the story

so you

can know at the store

what your buying into


the flash leather jackets

the guy with the suit

whose ignorance

really is now at the root


its his sales patter

your won over by

and both of you

lost track of how

the cows die



but its not just the cows

the skins then must be

cured with the vileness

of  such shit and we


again remain ignorant

of how it is done

how the chromium ends

up under the sun


discharged into rivers

oh yea that do run

where children play


and dusted

where they drink

where they wash

cancer and leukaemia

yea you say gosh


it is that bad there

and its down to you

your fucking ignorance

yea all day through


the strides that you wear

the boots and the shoes

the flash leather seats

who is singing the blues


the sofa you sit on

you don’t hear the cries

you try some ground chilli

rubbed into your eyes


thats the alarm clock

to get you to stand

when your legs are broken

its all been planned


theres no time for resting

your slaughter awaits

already they are trying

to make shipping dates



that is the leather trade

malevolent sods

graceless reprobates

dont talk about god


no one can help them

they deal in such sin

the karma banks over drawn

and wearing thin


they will be rewarded

with ill health and pain

and be abandoned again and again



with cemeteries filling

with these evil men

some out in India

and also when


fate catches up on the traders here

who profit from torture

and profit from fear







































































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