Monthly Archives: October 2014

Did he or not

So on this tombstone lies a man A man who only had one fan That fan was me For I’m that man And nothing ever went to plan I crashed the car But didn’t die And I don’t know the … Continue reading

Yea I am a baby

Ok so I’m a baby That’s obvious to you Ok of course I’m laying down We do that as a rule The grass is pretty comfy And, I do like it here And I want to tell you a story … Continue reading

Fennel in Aradia’s garden

The fennel grown this season Leapt into the air Filled with scents and flavour For all it’s world to share It enjoyed the foxgloves Good bedfellows we saw Each providing comfort Of that we did feel sure Our ancestors loved … Continue reading


Leland spoke of light and dark Producing shadows, we Each have them part of each soul That ever there could be A glimpse of magick surfaces Cast in sombre shade It’s somewhat like a reflection But you are hardly on … Continue reading

Going around in circles

Remember that time When you hoped to be A pop singing success Your heartfelt plea You were ready to raise Your game up on the stage But you took a big knock More than you dared gauge Enter an angel … Continue reading

Detroit can shine again

Detroit has reached an impasse The adults have proved to be Helpless in the face of corporate power And so the free Are chained and blocked from speaking Slaves to the regime Broken hearted angels With less heart to redeem … Continue reading

Animals used to entertain

No animals were harmed 4 words that indicate that he Is happy on that tractor tyre As happy as can be The tyre I mean they are the craze He’s huddled there alone I can’t say from his body language … Continue reading

Bias well if not it’s something else

It’s clear to me there’s bias And those who generally Emphasise green issues Are powerful and can be Well informed and creative For the need is always there But it sadly is still neglected In the scenario all share The … Continue reading

Comforting piglets a Dutch farmers way

Gestation crates are torture chambers Created from the minds Of autocratic simpletons You can see all the signs Of total bloody arrogance It’s an economic tool That concentrates on balance sheets Before the pigs That’s all Cram a mother into … Continue reading

Taiji and the 7/11 standoff

Taiji is true Hell on earth A vile and nasty port A place of natural beauty That is what we thought A bloodbath dark and distasteful A scourge upon the sea As dolphins stay to protect each other They are … Continue reading