Wildness in the orca world (sent to Seaworld Orlando)

The ocean is alive

and has great vastness

an immensity and a magnitude


anybodys thought patterns

its a muchness to admire


It is not a concrete pond


all of this is adding to the energy

felt by every living creature here

each one is connected

each one plays its part

this is not  a Sea World tank

do you hear?


a soup of reproductive matter

explodes just everywhere

a myriad of life forms

all infact aware

food with all its life force

sprouting from the core

this is sheer perfection

and supremacy for sure



and of course theres order

explicit harmony

systems working overtime

wildness and the free

orderly  creations

and regularity


are what is the undersea

the endlessness

we feel

shared by an assemblage

of creatures that are real


back up to the surface

a mirror of the sky

a big fin cuts the surface

and a rainbows spray

close by


the Orcas are designing

a matrix of their own

every characteristic

every single tone


every intonation

peculiar as they

work out their own dialect

and use it come what may


eternity is central

to perpetuity

unfathomable conclusions

limitless they be


a neverness is closer

its seasonal consequence

a life long understanding

and a constant permanence


the suddenness of capture

the precariousness of it all

the change thats so apparent

that does break every rule


the happening the stirring

the eventuality

the impending crisis

and their destiny



a tank inside an amusement park

a plastic world of sin

passive dead and languid

displaced and in a spin


ectopic and abnormal

an absence of the live

deprived of a true life force

can they still survive


without the depths to conquer

the perspective of the whole

the subterranean underground

where many a living soul


hunts there in the darkness

far away from solar light

in the yawning shadows

where day is always night


imagine losing all of this

and having then to be

in a bloody soup bowl

far now from the sea


out on terra firma

no current to  control

supported by the ignorant

who apparently extol


their own particular genius

and omit to realize

the cultural solution

behind each Orca’s eyes



the artificial containment

the confines ever small

the ambient environment

what is a coloured wall


a circumvallation

and enclave they must share

limited by actual depth

and not particularly  fair


comparing wildness in the ocean

to capture in some tank

one is pure stagnation

its lack of life is rank


the other all thats been described

a leap into the blue

boundless animation

spirited and true


































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