A pink rifle and a dead boar

Canned hunters

are an anathema

and introducing girls

into the killing culture

thats how the heart unfurls


using a long a pink rifle

gives it a feminine edge

but sends out the wrong messages

it kind of drives a wedge


straight into the psyche

preparing little girls

negatively to want to kill

before they are out of curls

going along with daddie

and being told how proud

he is to have his daughter

on the hunt where he is loud

wiping the blood on her forehead

an initiate no more

and how and why

and when to finish off

a great big boar







with telescopic sights

suggests to me

that this poor old Boar

he didn’t hear his rights


he was taken out at distance

a craven spirited arse 

unsoldierly and unvaliantly

and what came to pass


was introducing ones  children

into the affray

I have to say it sickens me

now to have to say


really its abhorrent

and intolerable

as well

subjecting a child to all of this

so she graduates in hell

is remarkably insensitive

wheres the mother who

ought to be putting her foot down

and stopping it

thats my view












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