Canned thats about it really

Look at him

look at his face

and his eyes

his gut and demeanor

and realize


just how ignorant he is

how untruthful and vile

its all just falsity

yes by a mile


and look at the lion

shot to bits actually

blood spattered everywhere

a hunter he be

 a pathological arse

thinking he’s wise

empty insincere

its some sort of disguise

and thousands he spent

to be one of the guys


evading the real truth

with swagger and sway

he’s killed a bold soul

hip hip hooray


insentient numbness

a stupor of sorts


and unfeeling thoughts#


for the King of the jungle

abandoned and lost

lying there beaten

a terrible cost


such awful torture

torment and pain

look at him  why

so this arse can gain


some kudos

a photo

face bloodied he looks

like one of those hunters

in old picture books


sack cloth and ashes

tears by the tonne

wringing our hands

now we see what he’s done


paid for a death of a king who lies there

and gives those who see him

a ton of despair













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