Ice cream freezers in Gaza

To take one’s wrath out on the young

really Israel you are among

those devils who smile and exclaim

that whatever you do you are not to blame

truthfully what I have seen

with your US backed war machine

is terror on an inglorious scale

Hamas retaliates the tail

is wagging still but the dog is ill

up against the pack who still

target babies and children too

and target hospitals as you do

the ice cream freezers in Gaza today

are filling up sadly with babies

they pay

the highest price ever

for they have been killed

they lay there frozen

their blood you have spilled

staring up coldly

lost to the world

a ghastly memory

how you have hurled

your bombs and your shells

and your explosive force

into a prison

as a matter of course

rats in a cage

with no where to go

embittered by sanctions

as most of us know

there were no tunnels

just sewers but you

carried on shelling

cos that’s what you do

seeing these babies

and knowing the score

makes me more angry

that man likes his war

the corporate monsters

are making their arms

and the victims are frozen

for no one embalms

babies in Gaza

they are frozen now

poor little mites

god only knows how


their parents if they are alive are coping


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