Compassion they have none of it

Compassion doesn’t feature in their life it seems

farmers are a greedy bunch and they

breach the mother calf barrier regularly

so the baby and the mother have to pay

a price that Nature never thought was possible

the milk of human kindness is no more

the baby she has carried in her body

nurtured all that time what was that for

so all the milk was taken for the humans

and her sweet calf was slaughtered right away

to have its stomach ripped out for the rennet

and this of course is happening every day


all of this is truly is reprehensible

its unforgivable but they don’t care

there’s not an ounce of pity in the dairy

nothing really there is  ever fair


how the babies ever cope with all of this

they are living beings and they know

they need their mother by their side

its natural

that is how all babies need to grow


the dairyman is a most  unkind person

shameless and unrighteous for he feels

he has the right to sacrifice that baby

no matter really how damn loud it squeals






the mother will be lowing

every which way

lamenting the sad loss for all she’s worth

where is the humility

its humbling to hear it

the hopelessness

that came from her new birth


shedding tears it has to start to happen

the grieving process

has that doleful air

she has carried this sweet infant

all those many months

and he is taken from here

then and there


and the  dairymen he doesn’t even blink an eye

its all about his profits nothing more

how the cow is feeling

how the calf is reeling

its  profit  everything else he does ignore


human beings are strange

their weird  in many ways

their ignorance of  what goes on is sad

thousands of babies slaughtered

within a couple of days of birth

so human children









its natural





One comment on “Compassion they have none of it

  1. Dominique on said:

    Devastatingly True and well written of the apathy that allows the horror of the dairy business, damn them to hell as they have done to the innocent cows and their adorned calves.

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