How wolf haters use children in photographs

There is clearly so much ignorance

from wolf haters, who feel

the case to slaughter all of them

is very very real

the ranchers and their allies

and goodness knows the rest

are an arrogant bunch of idiots

and really thats the best

description, of these twerps

who cannot see the light of day

who care not for the wild souls

who give a lot and play


a huge part in the balance truthfully  of it all

these idiots with rifles

are lost souls and the call

goes out to Enubis

he is coming for you all

and will bite your butts till their

red raw

of that statement I am sure





Idaho has got to show

the world what is their plan

Kill all the wolves does

absolutely nothing

it began

with pictures, showing hunters

crouched over bleeding prey

a wolf clutched by a tiny child, smiling

now to say

what a small child imagines perhaps

the wolf  may run

as soon as the photo’s taken

back into the sun

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