Freedom v Captivity (Ocean v Sea World)

Puget Sound

and areas of ocean

great depth and vast surroundings

they enjoy

miles and miles of coastline

in which to forage

awesome beauty

Orca’s do employ

pods of them all socialize

and show us

just how playful and intuitive they are

the environment they live in

is spectacular

and clearly  in that state

they are a star


performing as they have done

there for ever

their freedom is their sole

creative urge

how they live their lives

its an education

compare that with

the vileness and the dirge

that we hear as the creatures

have been captured

and thrust into a concrete

tank where they

go round and round

and round and round

in what is a dead bowl of soup

and  so they pay


with a madness that affects

their very being

no family ties

no education there

becoming a cash cow

for  corporatations

we have to really all ask ourselves


Sea World and the rest of them

can sleep at night

imprisoning these wild souls

every day

feeding them on dead fish

if they learn the tricks

in a nutshell making those souls pay


their  freedom it is lost

their interaction

their foraging

the life of wildness

in the ocean blue

how can that be compared

to a rotten tank

and trainers who are brainwashed

through and through


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