Hunting with toddlers

How brave this breed of hunters is

he takes his toddlers too

takes them into harms way

its seems the thing to do

the harm is coming

from him though

the wild beast

wouldn’t dare

come near a great white hunter

with bravery to spare


they live where they were put

created so to do

the forest with their families

they live their whole life through

the man he is man of action

camouflaged and  he

so full of confidence

marches forth

and kills incessantly


he has his trust rifle

and is a decent shot

canned hunted is his forte

he just likes it a lot

the animals come to him

he just sits there and  waits

they lure the leopard

to the exact spot

all of this grates

my nerves and to introduce a toddler

to this sick affair

and have a photograph

with the baby there

to me its so damn sickening

its 100% despair




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