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Nancy Phipps

There are those souls who give their time for animals they realize that animals must be helped and always loved for they are sadly left alone so often dreadfully   alone in homes and pounds and slaughterhouses when subjected to … Continue reading

Feeding the Lions and Tigers in China

We could call the zoo’s Diablo for the devil runs amok inside them all live animals can be purchased does that suck! and then fed to the Lions to see them torn apart limb from limb in agony where the … Continue reading

The case for shutting down Zoo’s and sea parks

there is no conviction just listen an undercurrent may be so but no real response to the need now to close these prisons as most people know   citing the loss of the habitat as a reason for prison to … Continue reading

Canned hunters

The wild one’s are now up against it canned hunting pays for the few a great money spinner for farmers reality shows how they screw every last drop from the creatures born to be wild and be free but exploited … Continue reading


There is no animal anywhere that wants to participate doing tricks and dressing up how can that be great   it condemns a soul to misery its a punishment in fact convicted just for being and they just cannot react … Continue reading

Anubis cometh sooner than some think

Left hanging in a fig tree in the sunshine, we are witness to a killing the pitiless end we see   the severity and callousness to do such a deed and feel confident to leave the dog and its agony … Continue reading


Her face is one of grim determination she is lost, but she fought hard for the life she was given which we stole so painfully of short duration but  full on such strife she never stood and earthly her days … Continue reading

Live Exports

Sheep in open cages where are we, supposed to be let’s ask Tony Abbot he will know, possibly under the hot sun we stand or fall, or lie, or die Tony Abbot he knows best Tony Abbot  why!   so … Continue reading


Agriculture knows little about culture a lot about toxicity in fact 35 different residues of pesticide on tomato’s how the hell does anyone react this is a salad product a love apple some say what has love to do with … Continue reading

Fur creeps are everywhere

How insensitive so many are wild animals were born never to be tortured and have their ligaments torn a’s  sunder by the steel leg traps causing massive agony to what is an innocent baby who once though she was free … Continue reading