Even at Easter we cannot escape your cruelty

I am one of those little chicks

all fluffy and yellow that’s me

I kind of chirp a bit its true

for just born I’m so  happy

the problem is a that I’m a boy

and boys do not lay eggs

I have pretty feathers

and I have 2 legs

a heart some lungs

a stomach

yes a bit like you

but when you are a chicken

there’s nothing you can do

with a boy

he’s got to enter the conveyor

of the damned

and end up in meat derivatives

the big can where I’m found

consigned, to the pet food trade

yea feathers and all

ground up in a slurry

into which I fall

they need me for an advert

for Easter

yea tweet tweet

Cadbury’s selling Easter Eggs

I sit here on a seat

with chocolate eggs all around me

with blossoms it is Spring

but sooner rather than late

to the slurry they will bring


billions of us little souls

we just have to die

Easter will not save us

no one hears us cry

noone cares a jolt for chicks

nobody at all

not even children worry

when we make the fall


then there’s bunny rabbits

fluffy with big ears

if only within our  great big eyes

we could make real tears

we haven’t got the tear ducts

but when we feel the pain

we cannot cry our hearts out

and tears don’t fall like rain

so often we are featured on Easter

cards for you

but most sit in laboratories

the draize tests very few

ever get to see the end of any day

for we

are blinded by the substances

that they squirt on us


not us of course they blind us

with their chemicals each day

if we could cry an ocean

then it would wash away

but we can never cry alas

how ever sore our eyes

and so we suffer terribly

from the vivisection guys


Easter means that supermarkets

get a chance to sell

Turkeys, Capons Guinea Fowl

they do experience Hell

killed before their time is up

slaughtered tragically

so human beings can fill their guts

with the spoils including me


Have a happy Easter

remember the calves who die

remember the rabbits  their experience

and ask your parents why

remember the chicks the little chicks

ground up for the cat

remember its Easter

Happy Easter

and you now know where we’re at


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