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A nice family group

How can a mother kill another mother you have to ask yourself whats this about just to have a photograph is that the effing reason you end a life when its children are about how the hell can anybody do … Continue reading

My portrait

This is my only portrait there will not be anymore thats because I am due to die and my head will become sore I actually do have nice eyes and lovely whiskers too its a shame that God made me … Continue reading

Tigers (did they have to die)

Zhenjiang  a place in China they put on an illegal show the object of the exercise was just to try and grow   their business in a unique way killing tigers so to say to those invited executives its what … Continue reading

Sitting on a dead stag

A confirmation of no respect killing a stag and to interject by baring one’s arse to the camera where with the back of its head hunters can share   the antlers kind of become the frame and the crack itself … Continue reading

A seal asks her killer why me?

He stands there a wrestling with a seal baby hooked off his gaff pole and that’s as maybe   what a vile human what a sick sod one of, Harpers infidels lacking a god   lacking a heart lacking a … Continue reading

Ivory and the love of money

Criminality and intrigue Culpability in a league outside the norm thus implicating all and sundry now partaking the rich pickings in the air on the ground and everywhere Ivory, sought after by those who in their choppers fly murder it … Continue reading

Blood Blood Blood on their hands

The seals are going through the mill their suffering  is inmense the louts that work for the Turkish guy seemingly intense   vast amounts of money boats and men and  skins this is really organised they deal in all the … Continue reading

Elephant Killer

Zimbabwe says farewell to another Elephant a big bull hit the dust a while ago an American called Thigpen shot him right between the eyes what an amazing trophy now on show an elephant as rare as any elephant with … Continue reading


The Universities all around the place get financed for their science and their projects the disgrace   is they are often using live animals and they are dissecting them and torturing them it seems it is their way   getting … Continue reading

Torture most vile **GRAPHIC GRAPHIC A GRAPHIC ACCOUNT China   has to  be in the pitz the most evil film I’ve seen a bull is tied by a short rope to a pole, a village scene mostly men are standing around watching the affray as 2 men … Continue reading