Torn’ a Sunder

14 years, for 14 years

a long long time to be

left in utter loneliness

oh! if I could  just be free

instead they leave me shackled

my legs so sore with woe

with so much torment  and so much pain

and just no where to go


I feel that no one loves me

no one cares a hoot

left to my devices

I feel I am taking root


an elephant wants to walk for miles

olong a grassy track

not lie here weeping feeling

nothing, just lying on my back


knowing I’ve been beaten kicked

and sworn at, I

am an elephant for goodness sake

no respect but why

I am a regal  elephant

a giant let me say

but they treat me very badly

almost every day



its true I have endurance

the discomfort though I feel

the anguish in my being

tribulations steal


every hour of pleasure

I ever thought I had

replacing it with mournfulness

oh I am so very sad


I’d give anything to get these shackles

off me

and be able just to wander on my own

scratch my back on a tree

drink water that is free

and amble here and there

all on my own


then I wouldn’t have to be resentful
I could please myself as to what to do

but shackled by the back legs

for hours on bloody end

it really fracking takes it out of you


the pleasure just to put my trunk

into a big tree flower

and smell all of its perfume

or  the marula that does shower

down on me from a great height

intoxication can

do things to an elephant

like it does to man


I can escape to wonderland

to a place where I can be

with other elephants romping in the tall grass

by the sea

underneath a golden moon

beside the mountains high

thats what marula does for me

makes me bloody high



laying here unable to lift my head to see

I can hear the scamperings

the rats and mice they be

playing in the tall grass

have a fine time

and here’s me big as a bloody house

if only I could climb



I am big I was strong I could, knock down a fence

but somehow they have ruined me

and I am feeling tense

lamenting on my life

its been a torture everyday

those bull hooks that they used on me

really began to play

into my emotion I didn’t want to be

bruised and torn to pieces by those whips they

used on me

in the heat they quickly  fester

rapidly become

sore and so uncomfortable

and rapidly then numb


an elephant like me

has had a bad time and I know

14 years of squalor

really its been a bad show


shackeled by this poultry shed

its smelly and they too

neglect to give me water

and I really need to do



so much of course but actually

my mentality is  shot

away I am resigned I think

to knowing that I am not

ever to get my freedom


until I close my eyes

possibly for the last time

when sunder sadly dies

for no one seems to be able

to get me free and I

realise that fate has dealt the cards

which now is why

I am resigned to giving up

the wilds I will never see

an elephant is an elephant

but it makes no odds to me








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