Rebecca Francis the camouflage queen

there she  stands on the corpse


no respect for the dead

that is her way

out there

full of herself  so we hear

but grateful

really of that she  is clear

its been a blessing

of praise and of grace

look at it

its all over her face

the camouflage queen

looking more obscene

she is thankful

she stands on a soul

who up to that moment

was free to the world

till the bolt dug down deep

and  control

crashed into that finest body

took out the the warriors breath

the frenzy of what goes on in their mind

before they fall foul of death


looking up seeing Rebecca

camouflage queen in their sights

with a bloody great bow

thats soon going to go

and show what negative shites

exist in this big world of humans

clad in the tight sexy gear

smiling like it doesn’t happen

like the cheshire cat

from ear to ear


she has murdered

a fine look animal

majestic it did her no wrong

but she treates it with  the contempt

she was born with

and we all know where she does belong


in a swamp being eaten by anything

from crocs down to the anaconda

as long as she’s eaten nobody cares

for out of sight makes the heart fonder




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