Heartless Harvey Nicholls

A blue sky created that

grand panorama

spectacular London

and the coming drama

20 or so souls

angels who came

with their megaphones

whilstles  and voices  to claim

they came to inform

they came to explain

what animals go through

again and again

not in England its banned here

so what these stores do

is crawl out to China

and of course bloody screw

the life out of them

anyone whose au fait

knows its the animal victims who pay


with no laws to protect them

just terrible stuff

anyone in their right mind’s

had enough

torture and woeful live stories of pain

agony evil and the darkest refrain


its terrible, its  awful

there’s nothing to say

other than the abyss

awaits us and the day

comes closer for some

who would now  support the store

and laugh when we expose

the blood snot and gore


thats is the angst

that we angels do see

a blue sky some chem trails

the traffic our plea

“Blood on their hands”

“Blood money” the cry

angst, evil, agony

why tell us why?


20 sweet souls

came together to bond

to inform, to create

whilst Harvey Nicholls respond

with security and not an happeth of joy

just masses of terror

blood snot and gore

rants from rex and Ollie

Robert took heed

1 hours 35 minutes did feed

the chanting

incessant like cicada hordes

rubbing millions of legs

and crossing their swords


Peter his video blasting away

Anca and other all sailed away

into the sunshine leaflets and smiles

whilst, out in China

the spirit defiles


the wld souls are livid in cages of scum

bones broken

cannibalism and


be numb

be strangely aloof

to what we say, today

for by buying their fur

means we all have to pay


a small band of angels on gossamer wings

chanting and leafleting

really it brings

sanity back

to a violence that we

know is now happening

so tragically


but we are steadfast

our resolve it is there

to carry on weekly

just really to share

the wisdom

the caring

the loving, we know

so that more and more thought

can eventually flow


We know Harvey Nichols

is really upon

its corporate journey

for margins and more

uncaring as hell

the most uncaring store

for many are fur free

just overnight

they felt the angst

they heard the plight

of dogs, cats and rabbits

minks and  foxes too

wolves even bobcats the earthlings

all do

sacrifice sanity

for these vain sods

the starlets and rockers

who relinquished their gods


to the drugs and the alcohol

and the fast cars

with the blood and the tears

and the deepening scars

50 wild animals broken and lost

50 wild animals bearing the cost

of the coat or the stole

of whatever

you wear

confound us for god sake

reduce this despair

and truthfully this is our honest


to never give up

to be on the case

and be members who care

for the whole earthling race


who know of their worth

who feel for their woe

all of the families

where ever they go

a bond does exist

a kinship of souls

who fight tooth and nail

and take  animals roles

in the great Knightsbridge strip

Harvey Nichols resides

selling blood sweat and tears

and then goes and hides


we packed up at 6 or so

and went offto the Tao

a cute little place

that lives in the now

in the heart of Soho

Great Windmill street

the sardines of London

are never discreet


Saturday night

the whole place is a treat

musicians and drummers

pulsate to a beat

and our band of angels

philosophy sowers

we ate well and laughed

our way through a few hours

and wonderful vegan delights

brought new powers


went off to Greek Street

to the Coach and Horses

a veggie pub

that is drawing forces

singing was echoing

out through the doors

a coming together

with so much applause


more hours we spent

with our planning and we

bonded together

so successfully

it was a great day

we laughed through it too

and moved ourselves foreward

as most earthlings do


the stuggle to make the ignorant see

and the arrogant falter

now is the key




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  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Thanks Google for spotting the need

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