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a baby was the result of a male and female a relationship and a mother who must pay for 9 months she must be the babies place of growth whilst the  male just swans about most every day   the … Continue reading

An elephant lies bleeding

An elephant lies dead and this arse killed it an insult for a man I have to say nobody would notice him a insignificant slob thoroughly obnoxious with a great big gob   how can he have feelings killing such … Continue reading

Sea world mystery and History

“Blackfish” showed the world that first time footage how the Orca’s were hounded in the wild aircraft, spotters, bombs and acetylene torches chasing after a pod which they defiled   the males went East alas into a cul de sac … Continue reading

Dentists and mercury(amalgam)their role in the poisoning of environments

The Government have always got it wrong is you ask me Amalgam was used centuries ago I know but we realized that mercury was a toxic substance and to use it in a filling in a tooth could not be … Continue reading

Morgan actually a Killer whale or Orca

Human beings bent on profit are an ugly bunch number crunching zombies who are all out at lunch they just lie though their back teeth saying they will save an Orca from the elements of course the watery grave   … Continue reading

USDA and the Seaworld outfit

USDA has told Sea World the crumbling rubber floors which animals walk on when performing now could easily cause injuries and also exposed surgical sutures were found lying about which seeminly infer that Sea world doesn’t appear to care for … Continue reading

“Someone’s got to do it” a chat with a farm hand/slaughterer

Someone’s got to do it do what I often say someone got to to kill them and do it every day   like cut the  bloody piglets teeth and tear their testicles away and snip their fucking tails off the … Continue reading


He wouldn’t stop yelping poor little mite covered in fleas that’s fleas that do bite of course he’d be yelpjng just a tiny soul but his bloody human was out of control   no brains to speak of just no … Continue reading

An analogy of sorts

those of you who wear the dead skin of another soul ask yourselves the question what is now your role the mortal coil has welcomed the evil you display you have your skin but clearly also want to take away … Continue reading

Lost souls v Spiritual souls

I don’t know if I do agree with this remark in fact lost or spiritual really how both types react to a given circumstance belief can seemingly create a platform in one’s life but a lost soul can walk free … Continue reading