Miss Harper

To mutilate an animal

to cut off her leg and ear

has to be a psycho

truthfully that’s clear

these people walk about our streets

we maybe pass them by

could be they smile

these raving  lunatics

to  reconcile

ourselves to this

obnoxious stuff

what is in their heart?

the pain  all the agony

they caused

and can we start

to understand them ever

an idiotic arse

who needs his fucking legs cut off

clearly an underclass


if and when they catch him

its not good just to say

a few hours of community work

we have to make him pay

throw him is dark cold cell

and whip him on the hour

and leave a picture of the dog

he injured

let it play

show him how

the poor soul suffered

all because of his crime

let him think about that

a most infernal crime

2 comments on “Miss Harper

  1. susan lane on said:

    Bless you Rex.

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    bless you darling Susan

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