Foxes our feral friends

we need our feral friends around

foxes  were created to

provide the essential balances

and that is what they do


the hunters on their horses

the overweight brigade

the schooner supping fraternity

on their fox hunting charade


basically are a bunch of louts

ready to give chase

to hare and fox and Rabbit

with a terrier in place


In this case the poor vixen

was chased for all its worth

across the fields and into a Badgers Set

alas its earth, probably was somewhere’s else

and it took refuge there

and all the exits were blocked up

and some children  then could share


brought down to  bear  witness

to the killing of the fox

trapped inside but dug out fast

really it just knocks


deep down to my  emotion

to see this kind of thing

to see these louts in action

how can, a wild heart sing


another fox was hiding and he was shot

and brought

out to face the wrath of those

whose blood they clearly sought

the children saw it all

these murders  all against the law

of Nature and the creator

who didn’t create them for


this vile kind of ending

these hunter types should be

banged up in a draughty cell

for all eternity




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