I thought we loved Rudolph

I thought we all loved reindeer’s
for they drew Santa’s sleigh
across the cloud fed skies above
where the chem trails sadly spray
the mercury and cadmium and Santa
feels the need
to protect himself from all of that
for he just may not succeed

the route is long and testing
delivering his gifts
but the way is now polluted
the elves don’t want their lifts
and so polluted Santa
will leave the residue
down so many chimney stacks
and it could now affect you

another tragic story
that comes to light today
is they are killing the reindeer’s
making the animals pay
they live out in Siberia
where the cold is very bad
well they round them up
and hang them upside down
and that’s so sad

imagine being hung upside down
and frozen to the core
then some brave murderer comes along
and slices your throat for sure
you bleed out sort of kicking
in agony and pain
once you were the chosen ones
but now complete disdain

follows you and Lidl
is buying up your steak
and flogging it in all its stores
for trolls here like to bake
the dead flesh of the reindeer
that honoured soul who did
bring the toys to all the children
in the Christmas bid

to make so many happy
but now they all must die
hung up on a gantry chain
and this sadly is no lie

I feel so for those creatures
their existence has to be
violent from the climate
and their death too, we can see
is tragic its well so unfair
to murder them and maim
NO Christmas is no time of cheer
whatever people claim

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