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Just an old biddy or so I thought

On a bench in the city she sat all forlorn an old shabby coat and it looked torn sat with her basket seen by passers by just an old biddy wondering why Its Julia Middleton thats who it was the … Continue reading

Bio Science experimentation on living pigs

It is a  reproductive science technique this  the warped senses that I now critique China used, the jelly fish DNA so they glow in the dark what is there to say     there is no excuse for the tampering … Continue reading

Crates of dogs packed tightly together awaiting slaughter in Philippines

I’m surprised about this picture for the Philippines per se has laws protecting dogs for food apparently ,that say The Metro Manila Commission 82 05 prohibits the killing of dogs for food thus most should now survive the1998 Animal Welfare … Continue reading

Whose having a whale of a time? (Clearly not Sea Shepherd)

Australia the let down merchants, they promised the Sea Shepherd an escort a ship to light their way down to the Southern Ocean Where the Nissan Maru would be but did they heck they let them sail on the salty … Continue reading

Wolf big medicine

The indigenous flute the indigenous breath the wolf is our medicine the environment’s death it can happen it will happen if we fail to see the wolf is the medicine that keeps us all free equilibrium follows his journey his … Continue reading

The Gulf oil spill is not over by a long chalk

Its not news anymore now is it The BP oil spill is no more they cleaned it up and buggered off they fought off the anger using the law   threatened the victims and left them dying the pieces of … Continue reading

Corporate ignorance rules the seas and violates everything we know in the process (Inspired by my truest friend Claudia who sent me the story who gave me the spirit to reply )

corporate negligence surfaces all over the oceans who  cry aloud long lines ,drift nets, seine nets violate and  who is proud no one they are so unfeeling its what determines man today there was a time when even those true … Continue reading

A hired killer

They are out there in the dark woods ready to ambush ready to cut us all down and they do it at a push park up their great big 4 by 4′s and hide up on some tree with all … Continue reading

A dog wouldn’t leave his friend no matter what

It matters not what happened it just matters that a dog saw his friend killed and so by her sat this was in China a busy main street he just laid against her licking her feet I say this was … Continue reading

Root Canals and the like

Digestion you know is a process a bit like the kenwood chef we are all now digesting the food that we eat in so many ways we all can see   its a war going on in an instant and … Continue reading