A Clam they named “Ming”

A Clam has been discovered
the oldest ever seen
500 hundred year old possibly
when the great sistene
got its ceiling painted
tyhats how old it was
and scientists in Bangor
realised this well because
they opened it and counted its rings
but by so doing
the oldest living soul on earth
was killed
but isn’t suing

it had an amazing tongue
which startled those who saw
it seems the Arctic circle
has miracles on its floor
science is an ass though
this living antique lost
for it had quietly aged and being found
ofcourse it had cost
its life for science needed
to confirm its longevity
but to do this they had to kill it
and I’m very sad to be
telling you all this sad news
and how this old soul died
so this is its obituary
which cannot be denied

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