Monthly Archives: November 2013

Burma ( Looking for signs of elephant life)

Burma a natural lost kingdom forests as far as the eye can see and beyond dense and so green reach right up to the sky bamboo dense patches and creepers all sorts of trees rich and tall there’s wild banana … Continue reading

Stray dogs used as baits for Sharks

How much more callous can one get than to take a big strong hook and pass it through a canines nose and jaw who’d want to look but on Reunion Island its happening today the fishermen think its clever to … Continue reading

“Tascha” A staffordshire Terrier and the grey suits

These grey suited head cases government blokes who have never lived and are clearly just jokes come up with their strategies and general crap and there’s no one around to give them a slap yes men with power the power … Continue reading

They are known as Puppy Mills

To set up a business and give an impression that what you are doing is what people need some want a dog not a peculiar breed just a dog they can love and kind of succeed with sharing a family … Continue reading

Dogs and cats from China

Cultures change where ever we go in this small world in China they eat cats and dogs in tiny cages curled up we sometimes see them waiting to be killed hammered to death or boiled alive their blood is indeed … Continue reading

Pete Singer and the animals

Pete Singer tells us how he feels man’s progress might be seen he says with the end of slavery which I agree was most obscene but sadly its not over the African’s its true have got a measure of freedom … Continue reading

Being homeless is a very sad time in one’s life

Homelessness is something that only those who are can tell you about the anguish the soul urge it does scar no walls no doors no windows no protection, at all nothing you can call your own from a great height … Continue reading


It happens every moment of each day to little chicks but then they only have one heart we would all be dicks to lose sleep over fluffy little birds but a full grown cow now that’s a different matter even, … Continue reading

The Bee’s knee’s

Bee’s are up against it and the problem is of course man unkind he’s become blind he doesn’t know his source every other creature on this earth has to be beholden to this creature on 2 legs as we can … Continue reading

Vultures deaths in South Africa

Someone’s blooming at it their heads are not screwed on poisoning the raptor’s that happen to alight upon a bit of carrion possibly they wait until they die then they chop their heads off its the brains they want no … Continue reading