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Burma ( Looking for signs of elephant life)

Burma a natural lost kingdom forests as far as the eye can see and beyond dense and so green reach right up to the sky bamboo dense patches and creepers all sorts of trees rich and tall there’s wild banana … Continue reading

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Stray dogs used as baits for Sharks

How much more callous can one get than to take a big strong hook and pass it through a canines nose and jaw who’d want to look but on Reunion Island its happening today the fishermen think its clever to … Continue reading

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“Tascha” A staffordshire Terrier and the grey suits

These grey suited head cases government blokes who have never lived and are clearly just jokes come up with their strategies and general crap and there’s no one around to give them a slap yes men with power the power … Continue reading

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They are known as Puppy Mills

To set up a business and give an impression that what you are doing is what people need some want a dog not a peculiar breed just a dog they can love and kind of succeed with sharing a family … Continue reading

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Dogs and cats from China

Cultures change where ever we go in this small world in China they eat cats and dogs in tiny cages curled up we sometimes see them waiting to be killed hammered to death or boiled alive their blood is indeed … Continue reading

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Pete Singer and the animals

Pete Singer tells us how he feels man’s progress might be seen he says with the end of slavery which I agree was most obscene but sadly its not over the African’s its true have got a measure of freedom … Continue reading

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Being homeless is a very sad time in one’s life

Homelessness is something that only those who are can tell you about the anguish the soul urge it does scar no walls no doors no windows no protection, at all nothing you can call your own from a great height … Continue reading

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It happens every moment of each day to little chicks but then they only have one heart we would all be dicks to lose sleep over fluffy little birds but a full grown cow now that’s a different matter even, … Continue reading

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The Bee’s knee’s

Bee’s are up against it and the problem is of course man unkind he’s become blind he doesn’t know his source every other creature on this earth has to be beholden to this creature on 2 legs as we can … Continue reading

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Vultures deaths in South Africa

Someone’s blooming at it their heads are not screwed on poisoning the raptor’s that happen to alight upon a bit of carrion possibly they wait until they die then they chop their heads off its the brains they want no … Continue reading

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Dzanga Bai The Village of the Elephants

Andrea Turkalo had this feeling about forest Elephants and how they live how they came to Dzanga Bai a clearing and in fact just why a clearing in a forest makes them vulnerable for they are open to the poachers … Continue reading

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sadists in charge of cats

The sadism that seems to rise out of the ashes where in Greece the daily bulletins come over with despair for anyone who reads them the animals appear to be at risk from all and sundry and apparently that’s clear … Continue reading

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when all is said and done bee keepers are not blameless

Bee’s are really going through the mangle the are sprayed the tetra cycles mobile phones foundation sheets chem trails and the rain we get because of them sugar water feeding tiny bones their immunity is compromised mites come along and … Continue reading

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We all put too much credence on the good old business plan to the death knot that’s the mortgage of which I’m not a fan holed up to the bankers for 40 years or more so they can bank their … Continue reading

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A natural turn around

Bankers have brought chaos to what we know of Earth margins profits figures balance sheets are worth nothing when it all boils down what we need to see is balance living out out lives in perfect harmony Don’t give the … Continue reading

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Everywhere the females of the species get a raw deal

it really has to get to you what we as farmers do 25,000 female Turkeys in 5 sheds there’s the clue they are there to lay eggs and every egg they lay will become a turkey and that is how … Continue reading

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We are long dead

We are long dead my darling girl and before all that I must speak of you with noble words for truthfully my thrust is that my heart is caring is ever dear to you no other could I ever speak … Continue reading

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The magician will always be with you

          It feels like a permanent house arrest or a time arrest for you no really dear no “me” time and most are clueless too a single parent a mum and a dad and your son … Continue reading

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Trash catches / the living nightmare

Trash catches that’s a rotten act of criminality perpetrated by the scum that knows no, reality a miscreant who can sacrifice an innocent wee child who is found trapped in those great steel jaws and was clearly meek and mild … Continue reading

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Just one poor soul’s passing

Some where in Kentucky at a Stockyards a pleasant September, if I recall a downer that’s a full grown cow who couldn’t move at all lame from all the milking her life had been a strain in less than half … Continue reading

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A private dedication

A dedicated carer unflinching in her way she remains so very beautiful that much I can say to be besotted with her I suppose was easy for me, you have to understand for she is really sure her heart is … Continue reading

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Foie Gras and Fortnum and Mason

Despite the obvious distress caused to the ducks and geese we see gavage still practised for the last 15 days and we realise force feeding is a cruel and ugly way of feeding birds to fatten them up and really … Continue reading

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Some feel undaunted to be called the huntress

The paths we follow often came from parents if parents had been hunters then we may have followed in their footsteps that’s if we chose to follow who we choose and why we choose can stay with us for a … Continue reading

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Just like a walk in the forest

I dare not close my eyes for fear of missing you its easy in the night time hours to be dreaming of some journey to another world and miss that look that might just be for me I laid my … Continue reading

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Adorable you

Autumns colours dance through sable locks enriched with plum a classic structure of sweet bones and skin so unlike some a smile, so utterly whimsical eyes promising up a storm the sunlight picks out sweetness and a countenance as warm … Continue reading

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“Laura” she suffered so

Lives created who knows what becomes of them some we find out some we never know “Laura” was pitbull who became a stray in her case the discovery did show those of us who heard about the story it shattered … Continue reading

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A Primate is not your mate

Its devastatingly arrogant what some of us might do which in a nutshell actually is worse than any zoo all wild animals everywhere were created to be wild where they were put is where they ought to be that is … Continue reading

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Elephants painting

What is it about tourists they seem, really naive give an elephant a brush and most seem to believe that they would want to paint a picture having the perspective for creation quite organically but what most do ignore is … Continue reading

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The children are always the victims

The most pitiful scene perhaps there has ever been a starving child there on the ground too weak to sit so clearly unfit and a vulture there too pound for pound the vulture is probably heavier the child just a … Continue reading

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“Fiona”( if you’d known her you would love her too)

A phone call just a voice and off we set to find a victim they are everywhere of course but this one was enough to blow our mind in amongst the roadside brooms the clutter the graffiti we saw this … Continue reading

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