Monthly Archives: October 2013

Fortnum and Masons Piccadilly

I have stood outside that shop and spoke to people passing by about the evil Foie Gras that some do want to try its cruelty personified inducing in birds pain disease and a fatty liver in fact its all in … Continue reading

True Warriors

They have always been true warriors surely this I know their strength has so much going for it and helps a man to grow sharing in that light they shine makes for a better me the warrior that she is … Continue reading

The great bear is dead

The great bear is dead shot through the head by a moron dressed to kill who pulled the trigger and took his prize as little blood to spill The great bear is dead and we are led to realise the … Continue reading

Puppy Bombs

Evil men with evil hearts develop wicked ways so vicious their intentions shamefully it plays into satanic reasoning corrupted with such shame damnable and deliberate which clearly does inflame an outrage thats significant crowd disruption obvious to some The so … Continue reading

Chem Trails to the right of us

Chemtrails to the left of us Chemtrails to the right the bluest sky there ever was is up there good and bright the jets are up there too alas thrusting out the shit and down it comes upon us all … Continue reading

Energy and who pays the piper most

So many fuddy duddies about the place today content with what they do in life letting the planet pay not understanding how the poor suffer but grow strong and treat them as if they don’t exist which to me is … Continue reading

Don’t believe a word they tell you

Don’t believe a word they tell you the percentages by weight equate to 80 to 100 tons of chemicals irate I feel to think of all the benzene and children still around the toluene and ethanol thats now there in … Continue reading

North Dakota fracking spill

A fracking spill delivered via a wheat field thousands of gallons of oil just ran away Big Oil is after laying down its fossil fuel expectancy whatever any of us care to say Governments are backing them like crazy tax … Continue reading

Another wolf hits the dust

The comments just prove what lagagrds we’re faced with heartless mindless trolls from the city maybe clearly not locals who have understanding some white collared idiots out on the spree stuck in some office 5 days or more they get … Continue reading

Woemen (hunters so called)

There she is posing her victims around her foxes and cats she has ended their lives oh! she feels happy this woe person so sick what was her purpose that nothing survives the onslaught when she aims her rifle they’ve … Continue reading