An Organic Hospital garden in Detroit

West Bloomfield thinks its
a valid reason for much better nutrition
based on organic principles
and thus it becomes its mission
to offer excellent foods
wherein its greenhouses are set
to grow a supply of in season crops
and let fresh foods whet
the appetiites of sickly folk
for seemingly they know
when there’s attention to one’s diet
medicine will throw
more lights thats more balanced
and its efficacy
clearly better placed in fact
to assist the healing and be
a good alternative really
and sound methodology
emanating from the land
a principle to choose
food of course is medicine
which really is good news
at last a bit of vision
which is clearly being tossed
into the world of medicine
where to now it was lost
at last they begin to see the light
for working in the dark
has been an uphill struggle
to really make their mark
out goes all the microwaves
the stodge the tran’s fats they
are being replaced by organic foods
which has to be the way

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