It is said to be the unicorn The Narwhal and its fated capture

In all 7 Narwhals have been captured for the Vancouver Aquarium and all of them have died.they are very sensitive souls they are very affected by changes of temperature and are very specialized feeders there is no way that the dead people could have ever adequately realised and fed them neither because of that could they have supplied their need without stress which of course kills them.
Recently they sacrificed a further family group and again all died the babies straight away the mother a little later and the father after a month or so. a tribute to those fine creatures.

How sad, how very tragic
its arrogance gone mad
the inuit could have told you
but really its so sad
this though is a story
that plays out everywhere
the indigenous have the knowledge
but the dead are unaware

we are very sensitive
to the climate and to where
we get our food from actually
and really it does scare
us all to think the humans
have the where for all to see
but blindly go about their lives
in darkness naturally

we feed under the pack ice
on flat fish for what they
have within their systems
are nutrients that stay
within our systems for a time
and benefit us so
you cannot substitute a food
and expect us all to grow

we are unique as a species
temperature is keen
we can’t hack deviation
we are not some strange machine
where we live is where we have to live
to the wild places we go
to be stuck in some aquarium
proves how much you know

money is your fuel it seems
the making of it sucks
it does because it blinds you
to reality those bucks
seem more important to you
than our lives, our futures, you
have killed at least a number
and still in fact you do

believe you have the answers
when the answer is that you
leave us where creation put us
thats what you must do
in many ways we are magical
the unicorn of the sea
and because of that
the need is there
to really leave us be

this present loss of life
is once again a tragic thing
for us Narwals we suffer
when we hear it, it does bring
the angst out in our being
that you dead people still try
and capture us
and show us off
and can’t see the reason why

its such a stupid reason
we are sensitively placed
we cannot bear the differences
we are wild, sea based
and really you must understand
to capture us will be
a death sentence for the captured
its an inevitability

The dead people idea came from my friend Ms Claudia Ferri
who is a wonderful mentor for me

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