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Salburun (Hunters zest) in the area of Issyk kul Kyrgyzstan

Salburun or “Hunters Zest” when hunters come and are seen to test their ancestral skills where tradition thrives where ancestral spirit still survives I understand such festivals but when the cruelty overflows when a wolf is tied to a pole … Continue reading

Taiji ( a little place of some 3700 people) facing the Pacific Ocean

We point our fingers directly at the murdering display the Taiji fishermen slaughter the Dolphins any way Stick a metal rod close to their blow hole and they bleed internally to death and we know where that does lead others … Continue reading

Found in the bushes near Starbucks On Broken Paws fabulous website

A puppy, that’s a baby a tiny little soul who has just come into our world a world or some dark hole found inside some bushes by Starbucks near Kingwood Drive so badly flipping injured its a wonder its alive … Continue reading

Live exports to death camps somewhere

A mobile prison with tiny slats you can see the world pass by the smoke and concrete and exhaust fumes blind the tearful eye shipped like bales of paper really wedged in tight but we are living animals! we try … Continue reading


The clock is ticking ominously toward resumption here in Taiji the few fishermen who the Dolphins clearly fear will soon be heading from the coast armed with their metal pipes banging them, confusing the dolphins with the swipes that throw … Continue reading

Arctic and Greenpeace

The courage of the Greenpeace crew surpasses gas and oil Exxon mobile enjoy the thrill but it makes my blood boil so selfish so uncaring its oil and risks they say are really not as important once it all gets … Continue reading

Countless rabbits sacrificed for your cleaning materials why I say Why?

Why do countless Rabbits have to be forced to feel pain and agony and misery time and time again to test bleach and detergents the question is now why and how of course we do that is squirt it in … Continue reading

Breaking us is just too much pain for us

why do they do it and why us, what for big as we are we do still feel sore about all of the torture dolled out to us we are mortified really no apology is ever forthcoming just more of … Continue reading

Soul (Science don’t talk about science and soul in the same sentence)

A tiger doesn’t need some mad professor to tell him he has soul what would he know he probably hasn’t been into the jungle and even if he had how could he throw any light on such a vast creation … Continue reading

The Burger Chains and their supplies

Kicking and slapping and bashing and crashing these minor men prickless far from the dashing vile violent torturers paid to do what look after dairy cows and what we’ve got is a terrible place the stalls wringing wet cows being … Continue reading