The Grove and the grave ( my synopsis of the talk given by David Ike at the Bilderberger meetings this week)

The Illuminati came to town
to Watford of all places
these so called most respected leaders
who fail to show their faces
as David says their cleverness and money
gets them through
the maelstrom of unconsciousness
beyond the public’s view

they hide in secret places
their discussions to endure
the singular activity
to saturate and lure
a bunch of true war criminals
and parasites who feel
their way is paved with
the souls of those
and their doctrine is for real

and the people we call policemen
in the corporate pay, do see
these so called new world order
and protect them avidly
for the people are the problem
treat them without thought
to what is the perspective
that brain washing now has bought

a stay of execution for them
whilst putting down the masses
that’s right, you and me
they wear their riot gear with pride
they use their pepper sprays
they see us as their enemies
they suffer the malaise

the corporate world has swollen
its less that one per cent
but their gunning for the masses
and will not be content
these oligarchs and others
corruption at their core
power driven puppet princes
swollen on sleaze and war

the media controlled by them
corporations clear
they tell you what they want you to know
and control you with their fear
its, world domination, one army
like NATO
one currency
one everything
that’s now, all they know

their system’s in, and working
they see us all as slaves
and will kill off a lot of us
leave us rotting in the graves
its all centralization a cashless society
control is what their after
and control is how it will be

a superstate apparent
acquiescence hopefully
divide and rule us like a bunch of slaves
that is the key
subservience to the central core
that’s whats its about
trod on, crushed and left to bleed
all part of the rout

whilst the few are running free
we have to close ranks purposefully
expand our memory
together we
are powerful
divided we are weak they see

the need to keep us under
their boot, and we must show
that together we are powerful
and of course now we all know
we are stronger in our true beliefs
we realise their power
but we have vast great armies too
and are ready for the hour

we sing from the same hymn sheet
like lions we shall rise and roar
lets show them that the army
they take on
is like none before
honest we are up to it
we can rise to any test
we will not be demonized
for together we are blessed

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