Hungary a brave nation ( Mon satan’s corn perished in its own hell fire)

Hungary had the courage
of its conviction
lit up the sky with its greater bursts of fire
Monsanto’s ash employs such utter evil
in our core of understanding
it was dire
understanding all the implications
to public health
the Hungarians were there
they took the true compassion
for their people
and burned the GM corn
fields of despair
America describes itself as leaders
they could lead their people from this sin
which they themselves allow to fester
in the wounds they generate
in reality their words are purely spin
they have no love for people
the corporations they
control this sad scenario
and people will soon realise
Hungary has tried to save the day

it burned 1000 acres of the GM corn
and banned Monsanto’s products for all time
here’s a government genuinely caring
America just keep your pits of slime
I take my hat off to them
for their courage
Hungary is standing for its belief
America has let them just take over
and in a while the world will share such grief
what some will do for profit
is beyond all understanding
what some create others will
but GM crops are as dark as any crops have ever been
prepare yourselves
for so many will die

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