Excipients and inerts

Its hard to get one’s head around
the possibility
that the government
we voted in
for its officers agree
to allow a set of corporations
just to sell their wares
their vaccines primed with substances
which when known, just clearly scares
the thinking individual
who knows of the inerts
who knows of the excipient’s
and is sure how much it hurts
and to pump them into children
the synergy effect
the cocktails are untested
no one dares insoect
the outcome
and this truly
could be disastrous to us all
and give rise to anomalies
that just break every rule
how can one take all this on board
its beyond what most perceive
its the nightmare that recurring
and what does that achieve
but put the fear of god up
most of us
who truly hope
that there is light beyond the darkness
and that we can cope
as the corporations grow and grow
and control is out of hand
what may be the outcome
who dares understand
the implications for the children
being born today
slaves perhaps controlled by machines
all lost souls anyway

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