Monthly Archives: June 2013

Trapping a crime of the worst magnitude

Trapping its the vilest crime that I can bear to think about its down there in the pits the bowels I share the souls disgust no man with any heart could ever break an earthling’s trust but setting a contraption … Continue reading

Badgers we owe them more

Shooting Badgers makes no sense its makes no sense at all only to the farmers who want to be on call its makes no odds which ever sodding county what I say is leave old Brock alone the government should … Continue reading

In our own way we are all warriors ( dont ever devalue your supporters and the earthlings friends)its not becoming of you

Some of us get out and sail the oceans some of us hold placards in the street some of us write poems and send them everywhere some of us march till our aching feet are crying out for rest but … Continue reading

A slaughterhouse in Kerala India

Kerala apparently has a special way of killing its farm animals a hammer saves the day they look into each earthlings eyes and it looks back at yours then hit it with a hammer thats of course the cause its … Continue reading

Cat murdered by a couple of murdering scumbags

An innocent cat was pushed into a cage its was then set on fire its great fear all could gauge its cries were so hauntingly terrible, they were lost on his murderers who just no way had any remorse they … Continue reading

Bolivia snubs McDonalds ( now there’s a place to go on holiday)

Bolivia, has made it clear McDonalds isn’t welcome here its not what its fine people need the indigenous people they do succeed in eating their own slowly cooked food and clearly are able to allude to the make up of … Continue reading

Does it make any difference what the Mail or the FOE say or do

To me the quest to frack to draw the immensity is one that creates its own great back draft for what ever else is done they have torn into the infrastructure and caused a chaotic state the huge waste of … Continue reading

Horse play (not all day)

Look at me I have been here in what appears aeons of existence teaching, healing fears trying, sighing crying lying, in a way you have been unkind to me and I have slipped away my ribs protrude I’m hungry I … Continue reading

However one looks at this its tearful

Tear stained faces lost souls tagged and ready staring through the bars those prison bars far removed from the green fields of emotion and the moonlight and the twinkle of the stars frustrated by the concrete and the hardness the … Continue reading

Animals tests banned for cosmetics in India

India has come to its decision to obliterate the dogma of its past to instigate a system of removal of animal experimentation which had cast an awfully dark cloud across the spectrum of testing its cosmetics on those who would … Continue reading