Other nations if that’s the case its worse than ever

If there are other Nations
caught in the web of life
if we are all now earthlings
we’re in the vilest strife
that’s probably never ever been
a holocaust
that’s bigger than ever it was before
is happening all over
it is an all out war

we capture
and we torture
sedition well its rife
we slaughter them in their billions
mostly with a knife
and then we eat them
where in hell’s name
have we sunk, for we
then we eat their children
everyone we see

we rape and also eat them
we drink most of their milk
we rip off their skin
however thin
and not a bit goes in the bin

the bits we don’t eat
goes to our pets
cats and dogs
straight from the vets
if there are other nations, we
are treating them abominably

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