Beyonce and her new shoes

Beyonce now imagine she
has anaconda
sting ray
ostrich and calf hair
what an obnoxious cocktail
won’t her shoes be rare?
and cost a pretty penny
animals will die
she struts her stuff
but I’ve had enough
and you may wonder why
so she can wander down
the street
an anaconda bleeds
so she can kick her
pretty legs
a sting ray has to be
so she can wiggle her sweet toes
an ostrich we won’t see
so she can be the focus
of the camera lens
we know
a baby cow must perish
Beyonce I don’t know
what the hell your on about
why the need to kill
animals and serpents
and ungulates until
they all are lost completely
your lovely shoes will be
utilising body parts
fans best follow me

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